eCommerce Website for selling, buying, adding and managing NFT products.
During working at Mint Square, as a Product Designer for the NFT Platform with multi-chain ZK Rollup NFT marketplace, I updated existing visuals and created new user flows based on the user and business needs. 
In this capacity, I led the process of creating a comprehensive style guides, wireframes, and user flows, all while conducting research to make and validate the design decisions for to create a competitive user experience with responsive web design and dynamic dark and light modes. 
My objective was to maintain a user-friendly and familiar interface while effectively organizing the information on main pages. By doing so, users would find it easy to navigate the website.
List view & Grid view
The mobile interface presents users with two distinct views: a list view and a grid view. This approach ensures that it is possible to quickly scroll down the available NFT products, or to have an access to the more detailed view with more information about each NFT item (List View).
In order to elevate the user experience during the Purchase process, I implemented streamlined modules, using a pop-up for desktop users and an action sheet for those on mobile devices. The update helped users go through the purchase process without any distractions and confusion regardless of the platform being used.
RWD (Responsive Web Design) for Tables
Developing responsive web design (RWD) for the tables was a significant challenge. However, the final product was informative and compact, ensuring that the mobile version carried the same level of information as its desktop variant.
User Feedback
“Used and bought many nfts and now selling it. All the process is very smooth and nice.”
“The best testnet mint I’ve tried, very fast, smooth and easy for the user.”
“Everything works very well, thank you for giving us such a great nft platform.”
“Great Experience using your project. I will support you.”
“Everything works fine, good and easy platform to use, thank you guys for the experience.”
“Everything is working fine i haven't found any bugs, and the platform is really well made very cool and simple UI, easy to navigate through.”
“best NFT market place with great GUI.”
“I tried the platform and the experience was good, everything is good! A cool and powerful project that looks absolutely amazing. I will support this project until it succeeds according to plan, I wish you more prosperity.”
“The website looks very good and organized so I don’t have any issues Everything works very fine and smoothly.”

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